26 September 2013

Best Cups of 2013 List

Starting at the top here, with the best cup of the year:

#1 - 2013 Best Cup: 44 oz Utes cup

31 August 2013

The Lost Tapes Pt. 1 - Baja Video

Maybe the footage was never lost, maybe it was on my desktop all along..
Maybe there weren't any tapes, just videos..

Irregardless, here, at last, is the much anticipated and long promised trip video from our adventures south of the border.  The notoriously ill-fated Quest for El Jefe of December 2012.  Pictures and stories can be found in an earlier post.

Enjoy ={D 

P.S. I may post some more videos from Korea and my vacation to the Philippines later.

24 April 2013

More SKA - Gwangyang Apricot Festival

S.K.A. - South Korean Adventures - is not dead!

Here is a video from my visit of the Gwangyang Maehwa Blossom Festival.

And guess what y'all supernasties, because I'm feeling generous, today is a video two-fer.
Two videos for the low, low price of free 95.  (>⌐□_□)>  ^(^-^)^ <(^-^)^ 
Kirby dance party!  ~ POP, POP! ~
But f'realz, here's that vid:
Nat is just a swell guy.  He's british, but I like him anyway.
That's all for today, peoples.  As always, thanks for reading/watching.  I gotta go take my last midterm exam, like a boss.

17 April 2013

30 Rock

I just finished the series.  And the finale was excellent. 
I would echo Cat's remarks on the Angst Muffins about the show:

Thank you, Tina Fey and everyone with 30 Rock, for all the laughs, and for the optimism.


15 April 2013

무등 산 (Mudeung Mountain)

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Mudeung San, where I did some hiking.  It was only a 25 minute bus ride to the edge of Gwangju to reach the mountain.  The weather was nice, the excercise felt good, and the scenery was beautiful.
It was a good end to my weekend, and I made a short video to document it.

More videos coming soon.
Peace & Love.

03 April 2013

Greetings from the Land of the Morning Calm

Hello all!

Here is my first video I've made in Korea.

Peace & Love

02 April 2013

I Love SKA - South Korean Adventures

See what I did there?

Okay, let's do this.  Hey everybody, what's up?
So, guess what? I'm living in Gwangju, South Korea right now.
I've been here for about a month, and I'll be staying until August.

I am teaching English at an elementary school and taking courses at Chonnam National University.
Originally I was trying to teach English in Japan, but after applying for multiple programs and not getting accepted, I sent an application to a program based in Korea.  I got accepted, and said, "Sure, why not?"

I don't know any Korean, well except for how to say "Hello, please get me some water, thanks."
That being said, I've made lots of Korean friends who speak excellent English, and they help me get around.  I'm really grateful for the friends and social life I have here.  I've also made friends with other English teachers.  From the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more. 

Anyway, I'll be making short videos and posting them here. 
Currently I'm using my cell phone to record, but I may invest in a legit camera. 
I dunno, gotta look at my budget.  I get paid alright here, but I don't work a ton of hours, and I want to save money for traveling to other Asian countries.

That's all for now!  Keep on keeping on!
I got denied by 3 english teaching programs before I got into one, so the lesson learned is keep trying!

Peace & Love

- Pat "Loverholic Robotronic" "Kermit" Eng

29 March 2013

Baja, baby!

In early December of 2012, me and my two comrades set out for Baja.  Dreams of eating fish tacos, finding El Jefe, and jetskiing the Cabo filled our young heads, as we took our adventures South of the Border.  Little did we know, fate had other plans.

What is fate? What is destiny? I dedicate this jump to fathers and father figures everywhere!
Wait, I'm just quoting Hot Rod again..

Unfortunately our grand plans of a two week trip to the bottom of the peninsula were cut short only a few days into the trip.  Driving in a rainstorm, I took a turn too fast, and the car went sliding off the road - we rolled twice, but remarkably none of us were injured.  That old 4runner was a champ, man.  Although the frame was totaled and tires popped (pictures below), the engine still ran.  Toyota is doing something right.

So there we were, on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere. We can't speak Spanish, we don't have cell service, and we haven't even had any fish tacos yet.  It's pouring rain, the sun has just gone down, and the nearest town is easily 20 kilometers away.  Not to mention, there is shattered glass everywhere - in our hair, in our clothes, in our bags.

Thankfully, the kind citizens of Mexico and a couple of American surfers helped us out.  As good Samaritans, they helped us for no gain, from the goodness of their hearts.  We spent  a few days in the Radiotor-springs-esque town of Catavina, and then caught a ride up to the border with a cop named Jose.  From there, we met up with my dad who got us home.  The 4runner was left behind.

Call it luck, call it a miracle, call it modern engineering - we survived a terrible crash, and for that I will always be grateful.  As Matt said a few days later, it's like the multiple-timeline episode of Community. Things could've been better, things could've been worse.  Nobody got eaten by a shark.  We avoided the darkest timeline.  I just wanna say I love my friends and I love my family and I love my healthy body.  We wanted an adventure, and we got one.

So that's the story.  I've got tons of video footage, so I'll be throwing up an edit soon (?).  For now, enjoy these pictures.  Peace and love, keep on keeping on.



Idaho Trip:

The Crew takes it's adventures north of the border.

This was such a good trip, and Matt made a super sweet video for it.
I hope to do another Idaho trip in August! Good freakin times.

Next Stop: Sky High!

I feel like a small fish.
I have not yet determined the size of the pond.

2012 has had some big bummers and huge rewards.

^This another old drafty draft.